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Telephone Dialing / Short Message Analyzer
Model: PT2001(ETSI)
Application: Test telephone

It's a new kind of digitized tester designed specially for the test of telephone dialing characteristics (Tone / Pulse), Caller ID and ETSI SMS. It has not only reached advanced level of the same kind ones at home and abroad in functions test, speed and precision but also been an indispensable appliance both for telephone design and research.

Main Functions:
1.   Support SMS in European Telecom Standard Institution with P1 & P2 (ETSI).
2.   ETSI SMS is improved on line for free.
3.   Good command of the parameters (including Chinese & English) by the        analyses to protocol regulations and physical layer parameters in the process of ETSI SMS test.
4.   Conveniently test and analyze all the parameters, linking to PC.
5.   Test the characteristics of telephone pulse dial (including pulse number, pulse speed, break/make rate, pulse width, duration between pulse serials, R key & electronic resistance) and show the shape of pulse.
6.    Test the characteristics of telephone DTMF dial (including high/low frequency group, voltage level, frequency deviation, non-linear distortion and so on.)
7.    Showing test data by the screen and self-set up a high/low limited parameter of DTMF dial according to national standard or factory self-control target.
8.   Test telephone ringing sound level according to the ring current by national standard. (Ring Voltage, Frequency and Time are adjustable.)
9.   Caller ID test parameters are changeable to meet different standards