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Telephone Dialing / Caller Id Analyzer Phone teste
Model: PT9401E
Application: Test telephone


PT9401E Telephone Dialing / Caller ID Analyzer is a new kind of digital meter designed specially for the test of telephone dial characteristics (Pulse / Tone) and Caller ID. The tester has not only reached advanced level of the same kind ones at home and abroad in functions speed and precision but also been an indispensable appliance both for telephone design and research. It can be also used in maintenance departments and the factories to assemblage production.

• Test the remote control telephone, record telephone and calculate charge telephone.
• Adopting the LCD, its appearance is same as the one of PT2001.
• Test the characteristics of telephone pulse dialing (including pulse number, pulse speed, break/make ratio, pulse width, duration between pulse serials, R key & electric resistance) and show the curves.
• Test the characteristics of telephone tone dialing (including high/low frequency group, voltage level, frequency deviation, non-linear distortion and so on).
• Display the test result and sending curve spectrum of tone by the LCD.
• Test the telephone bell level according to the bell current by national standard and the bell frequency, bell voltage and bell level are adjustable.
•  Caller ID test parameters are changeable to meet different standard.
•  A printer port is to put out the test result.
•  Self-set the high/low limit parameters of tone dialing according to the national standard or the factory self-control target.